Today’s economy doesn’t really care about people. In Europe, the number of unemployed people, working poor and victims of labour exploitation is increasing. Also inequalities and divisions are more visible. As a result, many people cannot live in dignity because they do not have access to housing, education or health services. Caritas joins with million people in poverty to say: It’s time for change! We need an economy that is more social!
  • Help people learn about the social economy in Europe
  • Encourage the development and financing of social economy projects in Europe
Target audiences
  • Caritas Europa’s Network
  • Policy Makers

An animated video explaining the main principles

It might be useful to understand the fundamentals of social economy before starting to talk about it. Which challenges does it address? How does it work? Who does it benefit? We made a motion design video to answer all those questions.

Discover the actors of social economy in Europe

And now, time to put things into practice! To do that, we made 3 portraits of social enterprises located in 3 European capitals: Barcelona, Vienna and Belgrade. The videos make it possible for the viewer to hear the testimonies of those who support those projects, but also the ones who benefit from them.


A leaflet that summarizes the main principles

Finally, Caritas Europa wanted to put together a simple leaflet allowing them to briefly present the fundamentals of social economy, and which could be handed out at events.


Project management
Antonella Lacatena
Video clips
Yann Verbeke
Simon Marchal