Switch is a creative agency for social change. We help players from the non-profit and social economy sector design awareness-raising and communication devices.

Who We Are

Switch is a cross-disciplinary and complementary team that combines an interest for education with technical skills and a thorough experience in the non-profit and audiovisual sector. Time has allowed us to create a network of partners who share our vision; this way, we can set up teams that are adapted to each project.

Our mission

In a world where inequalities are constantly widening and environmental challenges are increasing, Switch wants to promote the understanding of today’s major concerns, so that every citizen can make informed choices and act with responsibility and solidarity.

Since 2010, we’ve been supporting many associations, NGOs, social enterprises, cultural operators and public authorities in their missions while producing our own devices too.

Our Approach

We seek to make an impact with every single project. That’s why we always place the objectives pursued at the heart of the creative process.

They determine both the tone and the media we choose. Switch applies a methodology combining lifelong education and social communication. Our versatility also allows us to carry out cross- and transmedia projects.


  • Video clip
  • Documentary
  • Report
  • Animation & motion design


  • Website
  • App
  • Transmedia


  • Illustration
  • Visual identity
  • Infographics
  • Graphic design


  • Script-writing
  • Educational content
  • Popularisation

Digital strategy & communication

  • Strategic coaching
  • Digital presence
  • Communication planning