The social economy is present in many sectors although consumers are not always aware of it. Whether in food production or distribution, services or the cultural sector, the social economy is made up of thousands of companies that share values (democracy, cooperation, solidarity, ...) every day to build a more coherent, harmonious and sustainable society. This video invites consumers to go and discover them.
  • Show the presence of the social economy in many aspects of citizens’ lives.
  • Invite consumers to discover economic enterprises on the web portal.
Target audiences

Consumers already sensitive to responsible consumption in French-speaking Belgium



Project Management
Valérie de Halleux
Antonella Lacatena
Production assistant
Noémie Maton
Stéphanie Goemaere
Mortimer Petre
Sylvain Dufayard
Aurélien Bonsignore
Mixage & Sound design
Lorris Gisana