Three NGOs and two farmers' groups are coming together to blow the whistle on a true scandal: for several years now, the European dairy sector has been producing too much milk and is dumping its cheap milk to African markets. But when it gets there, the milk... is not actually milk! It is a skimmed powder that has been fat-filled with palm oil and costs up to 30% less than local milk. This fake milk is invading and smothering both the local dairy industry and African farmers.
  • Raise awareness among Belgian citizens about this little-known issue.
  • Command the attention of European political leaders.
Target audiences
  • Belgian citizens
  • European political leaders

A thought-provoking concept and visuals

« SOS Faim », the NGO at the head of the campaign, asked Switch to help them with the campaign’s implementation. Switch then suggested a concept and a slogan that quickly translated into deliberately thought-provoking visuals. This spurt of milk splashing an African and a European farmer wants to make a powerful statement.

A simple and effective website

The visuals encourage the public to learn more about this issue by visiting the campaign’s website. This one-page website is quite simple. The issue is introduced early on, as well as the political recommendations that campaigners want to bring to the political level. If you’re looking to find out more, the site allows you to download a thematic folder and an animated video.

Dumbing it down through animation

The animated video uses the “motion design” technique in order to make the issue more accessible visually speaking. Switch chose a tone in line with the campaign: straightforward and slightly cynical. The video was broadcast on social networks aiming for maximum engagement (likes and shares).

“It’s been a pleasure working with Switch. They are true professionals with excellent creation and implementation skills. The team understood our objectives and tone of voice straight away, which means they were ready to work quickly. They combined pleasure, effectiveness and success!”

– Anne-Laure Van der Wielen , Campaign officer, SOS Faim

The results

220 000







Project Managers
Valérie de Halleux
Shannon Rowies
Antonella Lacatena
Concept & Strategy
Valérie de Halleux
Shannon Rowies
Jekyll & Hyde
Shannon Rowies
Nhu Soa Truong
Valérie de Halleux (écriture)
Squarefish (animation)