Tackling the topic through humour

Switch created three short animated videos to launch the campaign. Each one tackles the topic of gender in a playful and offbeat way through three different perspectives – academic choices, the wage gap and the work-household chores balance.

A street-level poster campaign

ALDA then continued to raise awareness in five countries through a large poster-based campaign. Switch designed the visuals using the sketches made for the animated videos.

Gender discrimination Get up Campaign

Discover the interactive graphic novel  : agenderstory.eu

An interactive and educational story

Aiming to better target young people, Switch developed an online interactive story. The user follows the story of two characters, Anna and Tom, and discovers how much gender stereotypes can influence our life choices. The chapters are interspersed with quick quizzes that shed light on the situation in Europe.


Project managers
Valérie de Halleux
Antonella Lacatena
Interactive story
Valerie de Halleux et Antonella Lacatena (copywriting)
Benjamin Mutombo (illustrations)
Swing Tree (development)
Lorris Gisana (sound design)
Benjamin Mutombo (illustrations)
Nhu Sao Truong (design)
Animated video
Antonella Lacatena et Valerie de Halleux (scénario)
L’Ombre animation (animation)
Benjamin Mutombo (character design)
Lorris Gisana (sound design)