Caritas Europa – Youth Poverty Report

Mise en page d'un rapport sur l'état de la pauvreté des jeunes en Europe

According to Eurostat, 1 out of 3 youth in Europe are suffering from the consequences of poverty. With the aim of providing a narrative to accompany existing statistical data compiled officially, the Caritas Europa network collected grass -roots information from its members that reflect the qualitative situation of young Europeans.The findings are alarming as they document the rising exclusion of young men and women, emerging sentiments of intergenerational injustice, and a loudening claim that the European promise for equal opportunities and the levelling out of regional disparities is broken and in need of serious attention.

Switch took in charge de layout of this alarming report.

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  • Commanditaire : Caritas Europa
  • Project Management : Valérie de Halleux
  • Mise en page : Carole Pagès

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